When CMadison and I began homeschooling Charles, Damon and Evan back in 1991 we developed our own curriculum.  We hired African and African-American graduate students at The Ohio State University (2 young African-American women, 1 young African-American man and 4 young African men) to come to our home and teach biology, French and math.  And as an aside, limiting ourselves to a single car, most meals at home with food from our garden and no stylish clothes, shoes, beauty shop/barber shop, cable or video game expenses made paying for grad school tutors and fabulous enrichment programs quite feasible-plus all the lectures were FREE! Anyway, those amazing tutors selected the texts for their classes from Long’s Bookstore at OSU, but CMadison and I had the distinct pleasure of handling all the Humanities.  The traditional canon was easy… Iliad, Odyssey & Aeneid… tons of Plato and Aristotle…Dickens, Shakespeare, Tolstoy…all the usual suspects they would have covered had they stayed in prep school. But we added our own elements for a truly broad-based and rigorous academic experience, elements that would NOT have been covered in prep school.  And since it’s Black History Month and some folks have asked for our partial bibliography and list of lectures, I’m delighted to share this information. Let me know if you’re interested in what else we included…


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