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Morning by Morning - Kindle & Paperback Editions

Morning by Morning

In Morning by Morning, Paula Penn-Nabrit discusses her family’s emotional transition to home schooling and shares the nuts and bolts of the boys’ educational experience. She explains how she and her husband developed a curriculum, provided adequate exposure to the arts as well as quiet time for reflection and meditation, initiated quality opportunities for volunteerism, and sought out athletic activities for their sons. At the end of each chapter, she offers advice on how readers can incorporate some of the steps her family took—even if they aren’t able to home-school. Charles and Damon were eventually admitted to Princeton, and Evan attended Amherst College. But Morning by Morning is frank about the challenges the boys faced in their transition from home schooling to the college experience, and Penn-Nabrit reflects on some things she might have done differently.

SANKOFA: A Christian Rite of Passage for African-American Males

Rites of Passage ceremonies are not new, but they symbolize the beginning of a new life phase-the transition from childhood to adulthood. Many of our children today are confused about which group they belong in and what behaviors are appropriate.

Sankofa: Look to Your Past Forgotten Heritage speaks to the frequently ignored need for guidance, purpose, and encouragement for African-American youth. Paula Penn-Nabrit describes an easily adaptable approach to guiding African-American male adolescents through the process toward true, holistically healthy manhood. Like Rites of Passage, Sankofa is not new. It was originally published in 1995. Charles and Damon, the 13-year-old participants in the rite of passage recounted are now holistically healthy, 41-year-old African-American men. The process proved impactful enough in their lives to warrant a reissue of the book. #StillTimely

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